New Projects

Last update March 31 2010

The boat yard had been quiet for a while, I guess a Grandaughter will do that !!!, BUT.... the time had come, and the Meyerboys plugged in the power tools, and started making sawdust once again.

This year, we built a boat for Margaret, who is the silent partner, advisor, CFO, government liason, and the real boss of MBW.

We choose a design from Bateau called the FS-12.

The FS-12 is a vee-hull 12ft outboard skiff that has a basic design that had caught my eye for years.

As you will see, we made some design changes... Imagine that !!!

Let's watch a motor boat being built.....


The FS12 is a basic S &G hull
This is not how the plans are drawn. We brought the deck to the top of the saides. The designer wanted it about 3 inches down
This is the aft storage, but wait... you will see a change here as we get further along.
The middle seat was a perfect place to put dry wells, and flotation foam (2cubic feet) in the center
This was out second try at graphite bottom coat. It is mixed with epoxy
The floors were a bear to engineer, and even worse to build, but we all agree, it was worth the time.
These clamps are holding the cleats that make up the inside stepped-out gunnel.
Here again is the aft storage. Chase said this much gas would get us to Russia (from San Diego)
Now the inside gunnels are epoxied to the cleats.
Here you see the inside gunnel before the outside is attached.
This is "easy-poxie" in the color "burgandy" Margaret's choice.
we strapped in a Johnson 4hp to check the transome depth. Not the motor we will launch with.
An oak shield. This protects the paint from the motor clamps.
The outside gunnels are on.
Here is the cut-down back hatch. with the motor well. The tramsome is 1 1/8 thick. (and cherry)
Trying to get the gunnels to come together at the bow, they did.
I put a hatch rod to keep the thing up. Got it at Duckworks Supply. Goggle them, they are great.
Almost ready for the trailer.
We all agree, this is as much boat we can build in this space.
Hard to see, but these are inlaid dolphin on the forward bulk-head. Thus her name, "Delfin-Dos"
Now that is a classic !!!!